iPhone 7: No Jack, No Problem

The iPhone 7 is the newest release from this Apple brand. The 7 is much different than prior models as the company promises to continue to offer a smaller, sleeker better phone with each release. Each version has something new to offer, but this time, something has been taken away. The iPhone 7 phone jack is obsolete, so now how do you listen to music as you enjoy your phone? Visit http://www.microchip.com to learn more and take these ideas into consideration.


The iPhone 7 sells a set of wireless earbuds that you can purchase separately to listen to music. The earbuds are tiny, but put out incredibly rich noise and music sure to make your life far more exciting.


Converters are also available to help you listen to music on the iPhone 7. Don’t worry if you are not an iPhone genius. Simply press a few buttons and you’re ready to rock out.

Lighting Dock

Also, sold separately, the lighting dock is an option available should you opt against the headphones purchase. The dock is pretty simple to use as well.

Bluetooth Speaker

Of course, the easiest way to listen to music on your iPhone 7 is with the use of a Bluetooth speaker.  We all have them and we all love them and now that you are an iPhone 7 user, you can put it to good use more often than ever before.

Despite the iPhone 7 lacking a jack for headphones, there are still a multitude of ways to listen to your favorite music, including what has been listed above. Use some of these ideas and you can get your music on no matter where you are at or what you are doing. Now, go get that fun on before you regret it.